Daniel Calderón

Hi, my name is Daniel Calderón.

A picture of Daniel Calderon
A picture of Daniel Calderon

I'm a full-stack engineer from Sevilla, Spain, focused on web development.

Currently, working at Katch, a collaboration tool made to helping people blow up the calendar that allows you to connect through ad hoc meetings on topics that really matter.

At the beginning of my career, I had the opportunity to attend of most prestigious design courses in Spain, Programa Vostok, taught by Javier Cañada.

This course allowed me to acquire a deep knowledge about interface and product design. Meanwhile, I worked as UI designer at Secuoyas, being involved in public and private products.

After my foray into design, I decided to return to my developer side, being a partner and part of one of the first agile companies in my home city, working with Rails to develop cross-platform websites.

That's when I decided to begin my journey as a front-end freelancer, working on important companies such as jobandtalent, a digital temp staffing agency online, where I started to become a JS developer working with ES6 and Node.js.

Many years of my career I've been working at Avallain, developing e-learning products for clients all around the world, as Richmond or Oxford University Press.

Nowadays, Nowadays I keep continue improving my javascript skills in Node, React and Gatsby.